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Operational Plan for Agriculture and Natural Resources: Promoting Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific in 2015–2020

Agriculture and food security should be viewed in the context of the broader economic transformation in Asia and the Pacific. In particular, the adoption of food security policies that address both immediate needs and medium- to long-term resilience requirements at national, regional, and global levels, are urgently needed in the region. Recommended interventions for agriculture and natural resources operations include:
- Revitalizing agricultural productivity while simultaneously addressing the expected impacts of climate change on agriculture;
- Ensuring that small farmers have the opportunity to engage effectively in modern food value chains;
- Addressing the dimensions of malnutrition through simple cost-effective interventions that can be added to rural investment projects (e.g., micronutrient supplementation and biofortification); and
- Increasing attention to the economically strategic nature of food security in providing advice to governments.
To achieve better outcomes from agriculture and natural resources investments, four dimensions of efforts are emphasized: fostering public-private partnership (PPP), drawing on cross-sector synergies and complementarities, strengthening intra- and inter-institutional coordination, and improving environmental sustainability.

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