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Greater Mekong Subregion Mid-Term Review and Revised Regional Investment Framework Implementation Plan 2020

The document also contains the Revised Regional Investment Framework Implementation Plan (RRIF-IP) 2020 which encompasses the projects of the original RIF-IP 2014-2018 as well as an expanded project pipeline to the year 2020.
In terms of progress and status, 52 of the original 93 projects have already secured financing estimated at US$26 billion, 85% of the original estimated total cost. Moreover, about a third of investment projects have commenced implementation and two projects, both in the transport sector, have been completed.
The RRIF-IP 2020 that emanated from the midterm review of RIF-IP (2014-2018) comprise of 107 investment and technical assistance projects, including carryovers from the previous pipeline and new priority projects, and estimated to have a total cost of US$ 32.7 billion.

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